Business backbone & collaboration

Using lots of skills picked up in corporate America and my global journeys, I lend a helping hand wherever I can. Formerly known as WebMasher, I focused on helping charity groups, non-profits, and administration for our sports bar. Most of what I do now, is for fun.

Duke's Big Board Bar @ Kata (2009-2013)
Local media coverage and a full house for our first Super Bowl event in 2010

Co-owning Duke's @ Kata (2009-2013) meant turning my office and sales skills into running a small business. Tools took on a new meaning:

  • Website design, content management
  • Electronic and print advertising
  • Marketing and database management
  • Promotions and events
  • Financial analysis

REMA is the homeowners association we formed in 2009. We have worked on our share of legal issues to help ourselves and fellow homeowners....and the story continues.

Below are a few graphics from organizations and businesses I have supported through the years. All gratis services.